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Based out of Orange County, CA, Eyeball Marketing Solutions has been delivering digital advertising solutions since 2002. Our team delivers comprehensive digital marketing strategies for automotive dealers located in the most competitive and savvy advertising areas across Southern California. 

Our goal at Eyeball Marketing Solutions is to increase our clients sales, maintain their digital reputation, and utilize multiple verticals to produce the most down funnel opportunities. EMS only works with the most trusted and reliable vendors to fulfill the ever changing demands in the market places.

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Solutions & Services

Analytics - Eyeballs

Digital advertising allows complete transparency with our customers and monitor advertising worthiness. At EMS we assess, fix, build goals, manage, and report within a large variety of systems including: Google Analytics, CRM’s, Call Routing/Sourcing, 3rd party dashboards, DMS data feeds, custom API’s. We process and reference the data provided from these systems to create accountability reporting amongst our vendor partners and staff members.

Vendor Management

Our goal when taking on a new client is to help them become less dependent on 3rd party providers that do little to help build their brand. Let's be honest not every vendor representative was created equal, consistent management is sometimes necessary.

Project Management

Assist in the evaluation, acquisition and transition during the buy sell process. Design, customize and implement phone tracing solutions with existing telephone legacy systems for business wide sales operations.

Referral Traffic Sources

Having a solid website and SEO strategy are only a couple of solutions that help drive traffic to your businesses website. Referral traffic sources are a terrific way to drive visitors outside Google's search engine increasing overall contacts.

Social - Reputation Management

With many inadequate social media strategies from companies that claim to deliver a unique platform experience but fail to execute consistently, we distinctly showcase your business with effective social-reputation solutions utilizing Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, Yelp, and YouTube.


Providing quality advertising campaigns doesn’t stop after creative deployment, we believe it begins there.  Communicating the creative concept to your staff, not just your executive management team, is by far one of the most important services we offer.  In today’s digital world micro-moments happen everywhere.  Educating your staff members what the consumer is experiencing and how to identify opportunities contribute a large part to our clients successes. 

Retargeting - Management

The consumer experience online starts with the digital properties of a business. Managing digital strategies that drive quality traffic from SEO, PPC, Display Advertising, Social, Email, GEO Targeting and Retargeting take your marketing dollars and turn them into viable lead opportunities.

Existing Database Marketing 

We offer both conquest and existing database campaigns. With the advancement of technologies we can now offer comprehensive advertising campaigns that start with email and then are retargeted through proprietary display and video retargeting solutions.

Budget Analysis

Often times we find dealers spending money on services and programs that are not being utilized or are duplicating effort’s. Eyeball Marketing Solutions identifies and eliminates these redundancies providing your business with a working accurate budget.


If you pay us enough we will do this for you... It’s an ugly job that requires attention to detail, which is the core competency at EMS.